Nancy Gallegos



Thank you for allowing me the chance to share my story with your respected panel. My name is Nancy Gallegos. I traveled here from Fresno, Ca. at my own expense, so I have no conflict of interest.

I decided at the age of 24 to get my breast implants. I was young, very vulnerable, and just knew this would change my confidence for the better! Self-esteem was all I wanted.

So I was implanted with Allergan Textured Saline Implants. And if I might add, I am still sick with these today. One might say, “But you look just fine”. For me, this is just a mask. Internally I am suffering.

My health issues started 6 years ago. For many years, I lived symptom free. Until 2013, when all things came crashing down.

The once upbeat, motivated, very confident woman had now turned into a woman who could not get up off her couch, drive her daughter to school, or pass a mandatory test at her job in order to stay employed.

My husband used to describe me as an independent, motivated, and extremely outgoing. Anyone that knows me would say the same. Now he sadly feels this illness has consumed my life. My illness is all I talk about. And he would like the old me to come back! Even though he supports me, I know I’m not the same person he married 10yrs ago.

Today I am asking for proper informed consent. I feel we should be provided very crucial information before implanting, and at that point, the patient can make their own decision whether or not they would like to proceed. One thing I might add is, it’s very difficult going to see your physicians because we are so ill & they have no idea what Breast Implant Illness is. Therefore, many incorrect diagnosis are given with medication prescribed that has no effect.

I myself deal with depression, weight gain, joint pain, insomnia, auto immune disease, Vitamin D Deficiency, anemia, high blood pressure, memory loss, and much much more. I am so thankful a friend directed me to the Breast Implant Illness page, because now I felt like I belong somewhere. These women are dealing with the same issues I have been crying about for years! This page has given me insight as to what no doctor has been able to explain or diagnose. I am a woman in my 40’s that has to walk around with a pill box everywhere I go! Numerous medications with no ultimate effect.

I cannot wait to explant! However, the cost to remove my implants costs almost double what I paid to get them in. Health insurance makes it near impossible to cover. Why do I pay thousands of dollars on an expensive PPO Insurance, yet get denied coverage for explant when i’m extremely ill. I just want my health back!

In closing, I ask you today, to please listen & know we are women in a world of struggle. I would hope that if you had a wife, child, or family member crying out for your help, and they too have breast implants, please listen and know these implants are making women deathly ill, and changing our lives entirely!

Thank you.

Nancy testified at the FDA Advisory Committee on breast implants in March 2019.