Not Receiving Coverage for Breast Implant Problems?

We want to make sure that health insurance policies cover treatment and implant removal when it is medically necessary.

Under “Obamacare” health insurance companies can’t deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and can’t discriminate against women.  But some insurance companies are planning to deny coverage for any complications related to breast augmentation, even if treatment is medically necessary (such as removal of leaking breast implants, painful capsular contracture, or ALCL, a rare type of lymphoma that can be caused by breast implants).  We believe that this would be illegal.

We have spoken to several state officials who agree with us, but they tell us they have not had any complaints about lack of coverage in recent years and don’t think it is a problem.

If you or anyone you know had a health insurance policy that refused to pay for medically necessary treatment related to breast implant problems, please fill out our survey here immediately! Have additional questions? Email us at OR call us TOLL FREE at (844) 295-2212.

We know that many women have had this experience, but we need to hear from the women themselves (or their family members).  Any experiences like this within the last 3 years are especially welcome.

If you can help spread the word through friends or social media, we’d be grateful!