Risking Women’s Health

SF Gate: April 12, 2005.

IT LOOKS as if two California manufacturers just won’t take no for an answer — even if women’s health is at stake.

In their third attempt, Santa Cruz-based Inamed Corp. and Mentor Corp., have submitted applications for FDA approval that would allow them to sell their silicone-gel breast implants to the general public. […]

If approved, the Food and Drug Administration would lift its ban, imposed in 1992, which limited the use of the implants to controlled research.

Lest the FDA and these manufacturers forget, there’s a reason the ban was imposed.

Numerous reports linked the implants to arthritis, vascular disease and a range of autoimmune disorders that followed after the implants ruptured.

“All the data indicates that rupture is inevitable,” said Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women & Families. “What have these companies shown to prove that it is now safe?”

Not much. […]

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