What is Breast Implant Illness?

“Breast Implant Illness” is the term frequently used by women whose breast implants have caused a pattern of debilitating symptoms, such as joint pain, “brain fog,” fatigue, and other flu-like symptoms that don’t go away.  Many but not all these health issues seem to be related to autoimmune disorders or connective tissue diseases.  Breast implant illness is not a medical diagnosis and most plastic surgeons reject the term.  However, many women with this pattern of health problems report that they recovered dramatically (sometimes completely) after their breast implants were removed.

For more information about the typical symptoms of breast implant illness, see http://breastimplantinfo.org/autoimmune-symptoms-breast-implants/.  For a more detailed understanding of the research on these symptoms, see our 2018 report at http://breastimplantinfo.org/breast-implant-illnesses-whats-the-evidence/.