Extrusion, Pain, and Cosmetic Complications


Extrusion is when a breast implant comes through the skin and becomes exposed. It is an uncommon, but dangerous, complication of breast implant surgery. It typically occurs if the incision wound does not heal properly, the tissue dies (necrosis), or there is not enough breast tissue and skin to support the implant.  

Certain factors can increase the risk of extrusion due to improper wound healing. They include:

  •        Breast implants that are too big
  •        Underlying health issues, such as diabetes
  •        Women who smoke
  •        Overexertion, especially right after surgery
  •        Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Extrusion requires additional surgery, which may cause scarring or loss of breast tissue.

Neck, back, and chest pain

The added weight of breast implants can strain the muscles in your neck, back and chest, resulting in pain and poor posture. Muscle strengthening exercises can offer pain relief, but implant removal is needed if the pain doesn’t go away.    


Sometimes breast implant surgery can have disappointing cosmetic results. If you are unhappy with how you look, another surgery might be required, which can be emotionally, financially, and physically stressful. The risk of an undesirable outcome can be reduced (but not eliminated) by choosing an experienced, board-certified surgeon. The following are few examples of complications that can give you a less than desirable outcome:

  •        Asymmetry — uneven size, shape and/or level of breasts
  •        Implant displacement or malposition — when the implant moves from the correct position
  •        Implant wrinkling or rippling
  •        Ptosis — breast sagging, which will happen over time due to the weight of the implant, breastfeeding, or the natural result of aging

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