Making Your Decision

  • Alternatives to Breast Implants: Lifts and Fat Transfers When considering cosmetic breast enhancement, implants are not your only option. Several options exist that may have fewer risks and complications than breast implants. These alternatives include breast lifts and fat transfers.
  • The Breast Implant Working Group’s Breast Implant Black Box Warning and Patient Checklist We are urging the FDA to include a black box warning about the risks of cancer and other serious health problems for women considering breast implants. We are also urging the FDA to require a Checklist to be read and signed by all patients, to make sure they are aware of the many risks of breast implants.
  • Making Your Decision Deciding whether to get breast implants is a big decision. Before going forward, you should know as much as you can about the types of implants available, how much they will cost you in the short-term and long-term, and immediate and future health considerations.
  • What to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon if You’re Considering Implants Here are some important questions to ask a board-certified plastic surgeon if you’re seriously considering breast implants.