Reconstruction Options

  • Breast Reconstruction Options after Mastectomy If you are considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, make sure you review your options so you can decide on the best choice for you. There are many options for reconstruction including reconstruction with Autologous Tissue Transfer, also called Flap Procedures, that use your body’s own tissue to reconstruct breasts.
  • Patient Satisfaction After Breast Reconstruction with Implants Compared to Flap Procedures A 2018 study by Katherine Santosa and her colleagues found that patients who undergo autologous breast reconstruction (also called “flap” procedures), are generally more satisfied in the long-term than women who choose reconstruction with breast implants. 
  • Complication Rates Following Breast Reconstruction A 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared short-term complication rates of implant-based breast reconstruction and “flap” procedures following mastectomy. Researchers found that “flap” procedures have higher rates of short-term complications compared to implant-based reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Options: What’s Best for You?
Our Bodies, Ourselves

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