Removal & Replacement

  • How Do You Know if You Need to Remove Your Implants? Implants do not last a lifetime. If you get breast implants, you should expect that you will need additional surgery in the future to fix problems or remove your implants. Here are some common reasons why you might need your implants removed.
  • Finding a Plastic Surgeon to Remove Your Implants Finding a plastic surgeon to perform your explant surgery is tricky because it can be a more complicated procedure than placing implants. If you have already had a negative experience with your breast implants, it is very importantĀ to find a surgeon that can remove your implants carefully.
  • Questions to Ask Your Explant Surgeon Once you have selected a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast implant removal, there are several questions you should ask to ensure your surgeon understands your priorities for surgery and is experienced at explanting. This one-page, printable resource lists all the questions you should ask your surgeon at your next consultation.