Questions to Ask Your Explant Surgeon

Once you have selected a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast implant removal, there are several questions you should ask to ensure your surgeon understands your priorities for surgery and is experienced at explanting. Click Here to print this one-page list of questions to take with you to your next consultation.

Questions About Explant
  1. Do you perform “en bloc” removal, which I understand is when the implant is removed while still inside the intact scar tissue capsule?
    • How many times per month or year do you perform en bloc removals?
  2. Do you perform “total capsulectomies,” which I understand is when the implant and capsule are removed separately, but the entire scar tissue capsule is removed?
    • How many times per month or year do you perform total capsulectomies?
  3. Please explain to me in detail exactly how the procedure will be done?
  4. Are there situations where it might be impossible for you to remove the entire capsule? If so, what are they
  5. I don’t want my implants replaced. Please tell me about the possible options to improve the look of my breasts once my implants are removed but not replaced (Breast lifts and fat transfers are two such options to discuss)
    • Can I see before and after pictures of women on whom you have performed implant removal?
  6. Do you have any explant patients who would be willing to speak to me about their experiences?
Questions About My Health
  1. Do I have capsular contracture? If so, what grade (Baker I, II, III, or IV)
  2. For silicone gel implants: Will you refer me for a breast coil MRI to detect rupture? Or ultrasound? I don’t want mammography, because the pressure could cause leakage.
Questions About Insurance Coverage
  1. Do you accept my insurance? Does your office bill insurance directly or do I need to pay up front for the surgery and seek reimbursement? (If Medicare: Are you a Medicare Participating Provider who takes assignment?)
  2. Will you write and/or sign a letter of medical necessity for my insurance claim, saying that based on my symptoms my breast implant removal is medically necessary?
  3. Does your office have the medical billing codes for the specific procedure you will perform that I can give to my insurance company if I am filing on my own behalf?